Ready to Get Your Whole Body Involved?

These workouts will have your fat crying and involve every part of your body.

Cardiovascularly you will burn more calories in a one-hour class than using a stair machine. You will work out your whole body, from your arms and legs to getting those abs. We will work with you to ensure correct technique, so you become more comfortable in throwing those punches. This will enable you to punch faster and burn even more calories.


Lose Weight & Get Toned

Boxercise is the perfect program that helps you lose weight and get toned, but you won’t get bulky. Not only does hitting the bag release all your frustration and anger at the end of the week, but it’s a phenomenal workout as well.

Boxing is not only fun but a great exercise that is perfect for beginners or overweight clients. It will boost your confidence and increase your self-belief while stimulating your mind.

These classes involve skipping, working the bag, and punching the pads with your friends.

It’s the most fun you will have in the gym, so don’t just sit there…. Get your gloves on!

Now Is the Time to Change Your Life

Are you ready to take on a lifestyle transformation?